Hi there!

Let’s break that ice… shall we?

I’ll go first. I’m Gerry. I help health and wellness coaches connect with the right clients so they can build a thriving business that’s aligned with who they are.

Now, let’s talk about you


Does this sound like your business right now?

“My website is a hodge-podge of SEO copy that doesn’t reflect who I am.”

“I’ve no idea what kind of lead magnet to create.”

“My sales emails are not bringing any sales.”

When your online marketing is a hot mess, you either get discouraged or you spread yourself doing whatever is hot today—Facebook ads, webinars, free ebooks, Twitter posts, LinkedIn ads, cold emails…

The truth is that NONE of this will work until you align your marketing with the right people.

My job is to help you attract your dream clients

I get inside your ideal client’s head, craft offers that resonate with them and produce the necessary marketing materials.

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What can I help you with?


Market Strategy

  • Clarify your ideal client profile
  • Nail your value proposition
  • Spruce up your service offerings and packages

Lead Generation

  • Align your website with who you are and what you do
  • Set up ads and landing pages that get you leads
  • Produce enticing lead magnets


  • Create sales pages and email autoresponders that convert
  • Plug any leaks in your sales funnel

What my clients are saying

  • Gerry really understood the market I was targeting and her text really spoke to the audience and conveyed my message. I really felt like working with a trustworthy and caring friend.

    —Oksana Petersen, CEO & Founder, Nutrition Right

  • Her words literally paid for themselves within a week after our project was done.

    —Onuora Amobi, CEO & Founder, Nnigma

  • Gerry’s level of skill, commitment to our needs, and attention to detail were great. I rarely give praise but she’s forced my hand: her work speaks for itself.

    —Richard Bloomfield, PritiYogi

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