The SAVVY Marketing Method

Here’s How It Works

  • Strategy

    We meet to discuss your current challenges, business goals and your ideal client.

  • Audience

    Once we’re clear on what you’re selling and to whom, I research your audience in-depth to find out what makes them buy, what frustrates them, etc.

  • Value Discovery

    I help you create irresistible offers for your programs and services.

  • Value Creation

    I create the necessary marketing materials using persuasion techniques + knowledge about your target customer.

  • Yield

    I help you track the performance of your marketing content and make improvements over time.

The result

When we work together, I research your ideal clients to find out where they are (their pain points) and where they want to be (their goals). I use this info to get them to choose YOU as their guide on this journey. 

As a result, you improve your conversions naturally. You start attracting the right people and they want to buy from you because you understand their needs and speak their language.

Explore working with me

If you have a project or a problem on your mind, tell me about it. Maybe I can help you out.

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