How To Start Blogging Consistently

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For the past few days, I’ve been wondering why I’m SO terrible at blogging. I mean, my consistency is off-the-charts low…

So, I dug deep and found some interesting answers. If you have the same problem, I think this might help you.

First things first: Why should you blog?

To get clients for your business…
To demonstrate your expertise…
To build authority in your niche…

The answer is… None of these.

When your reason for blogging is one of the above, or similar, it won’t work. You won’t be consistent because these are all the wrong reasons.

Take me as an example.

I’ve been trying to make myself blog for years. Yes, that’s right. Years. I publish so rarely that you’d laugh if I told you.

It’s on the back burner and I know I should do it. Some day. When I get the time.

But I rarely get the time because I have enough clients and none of those “business” reasons apply to me. Sure, I enjoy putting my thoughts to digital paper but, if I don’t have to do this for my business, why would I even bother?

The truth is that there is a higher reason to blog. But, for a long time, I wasn’t able to get to it because I’ve been listening to my Inner Critic (just like many others who can’t find the time to blog). She kept saying things like:

“You don’t have enough experience.”

“There are better articles on this topic.”

“Why would people listen to YOU when there are so many experts?”

And, at the same time, I’ve failed to listen to the other voices, outside…

… To the hundreds of people who got into the trouble of emailing me to say that I’ve helped

… To the 1, 500+ people that upvoted one of my random Quora posts and made me a top author when I wasn’t even trying

… To the 1,000+ subscribers on Medium who highlight pieces of what I consider “stupid old posts”

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying it to make YOU remember your own small victories.

You see, I’ve never really wanted to be a successful blogger. I wouldn’t know what to do if I became one.

BUT there is one thing that I’ve always wanted. To be able to help others.

And I believe this is the biggest reason why you would want to sit down, carefully package your nuggets of wisdom and throw them in the endless ocean that we call “the web”.

Yes, helping others is the at the core of blogging for your business. It’s a motivator that far outweighs the mundane business benefits. And, if you doubt this, look into your own heart and ask:

Do you like helping other people?

Do you like empowering them?

If you’re a coach or a consultant, you sure do! That’s why you’re in this business.

And that’s the reason why you should blog. Because, just like there is an audience for my posts, there is one for yours, too.

And the time to start blogging is right now because there is someone out there who needs to receive advice from YOU.

Not from the most revered guru in your industry. From you.

Because nobody else can look at the world the way that you do and nobody else can write the same blog post that you will.

Maybe very few people will read what I wrote today.

Yet, I’m posting it. It will be my message in a bottle to you, Dear Reader, and I know that it will get to you some day, when you need it. And I know that you needed to hear it from me. Not from someone else.

So, please do the same. Stop fretting about traffic.

Blog to help. Blog to answer questions.

Not to get clients. And not to make money.

Because businesses that exist for the sole purpose of making money don’t exist for long. And because, when you want to help, you won’t have to force yourself to blog. It will come naturally.

Go on. Let your voice be heard. Help others.

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