1-Min Copywriting Tip: Loss Vs Gain

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Do you know who has a tough job?

Your call to action!

I bet you didn’t see that coming 🙂

It’s because your CTA has to do the final push. It has to convince people to actually click. If the CTA fails, all your other copy is useless.

The example

Check out this brilliant call to action from Liam Austin’s Email Success Summit sales page. In less than 50 words (!) this copy pushes 4 persuasion triggers (marked below):

What can we learn from The Email Success Summit?

  1. Appeal to FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out is triggered when we think someone else is having a better experience than us. We start to feel like we’re left behind, e.g.This copy suggests that other email marketers are already taking advantage of expert sessions, a private community and powerful tools and you’re missing out on all this.
  2. Sprinkle exclusivity. We’re wired to want social status, to want to be with the cool kids. That’s why this copy is talking about a “private” community.
    Can you do the same? Can you put a red velvet rope at the gates? What makes your clients or customers an exclusive club? Think about it.
  3. Add an incentive. “Free” is a magic word on one condition: Your incentive has to be valuable to your prospect. When you’re writing sales copy, try incentives like an added bonus (e.g. “ebook worth $49”, “4 hours of free coaching”) or a discount (e.g. “20% off”, “4 months free”).
  4. Trigger the fear of loss. A host of psychological studies have shown we care more about avoiding loss than we care about gaining. If you want people to do something (like getting the yearly plan), show them how much they’re losing by NOT doing it.

Back to you

Try this on your landing pages, sales pages, emails: Tell your prospect what they lose by not taking action?

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